Yunhao Zhang (张云昊)

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science Department, Cornell University
Student Member, User eXperience Professional Association (UXPA)

Email: yz2327 (at) cornell (dot) edu

440 Gates Hall (Systems Lab), Cornell University
107 Hoy Rd, Ithaca, NY, 14850


I am a fourth year PhD student working with Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi on the ordering dimension of Byzantine consensus. Please view my CV for publications.

Previously, I worked with Prof. Rong Chen and Prof. Haibo Chen at IPADS, and focused on stream query processing. Please follow the links below for publications and open-sourced code.


I used to lead the IT group at Xichao Culture & Media Co., Ltd.
In two years, we created Xichao Literature Forum and the SJTU Official Souvenir Store.

I also contributed to the early versions of Solbit Robot at 7SensesLabs, especially the VR part.

I enjoy trying interesting technologies with dummy projects.


For education, publications, academic awards and other information, please read my CV.

On Sports

I usually took half an hour running around SJTU, which is 6 kilometers long.
I started my running habit four years ago. Running helped me lose 25kg weight and become healthy!
See difference between FAT Yunhao and FIT Yunhao :-)

On Design

Influenced by my father, I became interested in various design fields (architectural, user interface, etc.).
I have involved in UXPA for one year and made many designer friends working at IBM, Autodesk,, etc.
One can visually learn the relationship between User Experience and Computer Science here.

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